Why I Entered Politics Now
I discussed my decision to enter politics with my children a lot. I realized that there were too many questions with no reasonable answers; too many issues not being addressed. Self-afflicted distress and distortion that we are leaving for our children and grandchildren to solve. We say, "One day we'll talk about it." Well, the moment has arrived. We can't put it off any longer.
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 Religion and state: So much more to do
The results of the elections for the 19th Knesset and the coalition that was created as a result brought great hope for progress on the issue of religion and state in Israel. The religious Zionist camp was very well represented by the growth of the Jewish Home party and representatives in other parties, like Yesh Atid, in the governing coalition.

 What women achieved in this Knesset
With the formation of the 19th Knesset I was privileged to be appointed Chairwoman of the Committee for the Status of Women and Gender Equality. I was determined to transform the committee into the address for all women from all sectors in Israel.

 Women learn Torah too
Its not news to anybody, women also learn Torah. For quite some time now, Torah learning isnt exclusively a mens domain. For more than twenty five years women have been learning Torah Lishma, for Hashems sake, in Batei Midrash and in other places: investigating, learning in depth, delving into the Torah. Teaching and raising a generation of boys and girls, students full of knowledge. There are even some women who are halachic figures, answering halachic questions.

 When marriage is a crime
Not too long ago, rabbis all over the world were allowed to preside over weddings wherever they were. There was no registry and there was no governmental body overseeing the individual rabbis. There was a trust that seems to be lacking today. Today, the rabbinate of Israel has a monopoly on weddings. So much so, that last week a proposal I made to abolish a prison term for couples who did not register was rejected. For more on the matter see Am I going to Jail? by Rabbi Seth Farber.

 A Jewish Israel, equal for all
Patricia Marks Greenfields Op-Ed for the Washington Post last week missed the point entirely. She took experiences in Israel and molded them into a worldview. Essentially the piece argues for single, secular state, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Putting aside the impractical, illogical and incomprehensible argument for a one-state solution, it is her call for Israel to become a secular state that requires a response. More

 Hamass war on women
 Hamas is not only at war with Israel. Hamas is at war with its own people. We have seen in recent days pictures of the many advanced tunnels Hamas built. These advanced tunnels are reinforced by concrete for kilometers.(photo credit: Amir Cohen/Reuters) More

 The True Meaning of Resilience
After reading the headlines detailing the constant stream of rocket fire that the residents of Asdod Israels 5th largest city by population find themselves under, I interrupted my normal schedule to go and visit these brave, resilient citizens. More

 The Power of Kindness and New Immigrants
During the summers, my children attend a camp at which they take advantage of the gorgeous weather and surroundings which Israel affords to do tiyulim (hikes), all over our country. The first day of camp, I walked my youngest daughter to the meeting point. More

 The Battle We Can Wage
 In times such as these, we support the Israeli soldiers and their activities, and hope
 that there will be peace so they can safely return home to their families. More

 Operation Protective Edge: Simple Yet Complicated
  Our goal in Operation Protective Edge is simple: To restore quiet to the South of Israel.
  We cannot accept terrorist groups firing rockets at our citizens and innocent civilians. More

 Meet Aliza: Frequently Asked Questions
 Do you see any contradiction on being an Orthodox Jew and a leader for women rights
 in Israel? Not at all! Being observant.. More

  Keeping our cool in crisis
  In recent days we have run into a multi-dimensional situation that requires an
  immediate, decisive response to prevent further deterioration. More

 Moving forward: Crystallizing the unity
  he tragic events of the past couple of weeks have broken our hearts and tested our
  faith. The turn of events have caused us to turn inward, to unify in mourning.. More


On the eve of Yom Kippur, Aliza Lavie read an interview with an Israeli woman who had lost both her mother and her baby daughter in a terrorist attack. As Lavie stood in the synagogue later, she searched for comfort for the bereaved woman, for a reminder that she is a part of a great tradition of Jewish women. A Jewish Woman's Prayer Book, - winner of the 2008 NATIONAL JEWISH BOOK AWARD, is the result.

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A Jewish Woman's Prayer Book
Inside the Book

  " "

Aliza Lavie - Yesh Atid
Dr. Aliza Lavie
, 49, a senior lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and a well-known author and television personality has now been elected to the 19th Knesset as part of the Yesh Atid party led by Yair Lapid. Lavie, who is Orthodox, lives in Netanya, has four children and a granddaughter. More


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  Aliza Lavie lectures at Beit Hatfutsot, about her book: Women's Customs - A Feminine Mosaic of Customs and Stories

Aliza Lavie's interview on the "Cafe Hafuch" show With
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New by Aliza Lavie
Author of the best-selling A Jewish Womans Prayer Book
Womens Customs A Feminine Mosaic of Customs and Stories
Tel Aviv: Yedioth Ahronoth

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Judaism, the women's version By Tamar Rotem, Haaretz



This is my prayer - Vaani Tefillati Conference


by Aliza Lavie, author of the best-selling A Jewish Womans Prayer Book
(Re-published in Hebrew and To be published in English) Yediot Aharonoth
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"a comprehensive mass collection of prayers dealing with the womans life cycle, both classical and innovative, Ashkenaz and Sephardi, each speaking to, for, and at the needs of Jewish women."
Alan Jay Gerber, The Jewish Star  Read Full Review



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Author Aliza Lavie explains how she
  came to compile a book of prayers of
  special meaning to Jewish women,
  and how young Israelis "pray" today.
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